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Collect your Class of 70' NSS Cards

We are gearing up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the National Stationery Show with Sarah Schwartz from The Paper Chronicles and Stationery Trends, Jill DiNicolantonio from Parse and Parcel and NSS. We've been working wtih 30 exhibitors to create a trading card pack on a variety of papers distributed by Legion and we couldn't be more excited to share the complete set.

Attending NSS? Here's the deal...

Collect the trading card from each participating exhibitor. Once you've collected all 30, bring them to Legion's booth to stash your cards in a match box beautifully designed by Reyn Paper Co and printed by Henry + Co. 


Colorplan Directions II: Permanence 

In an era in which we are beginning to re-evaluate what we are consuming and why, and in which ‘luxury’ goods are ever more attainable, we look to brands, products and services that offer a greater sense of permanence and longevity. The rich, weight ‘Permanence’ color palette comprising of black, deep grey and gold accents projects a tone of heritage, quality and durability, while suggesting a message of connoisseurship and expertise.

Psychologically black implies weight, indeed in tests it has been proven people will think a black box weighs more than a white one. The color black has also long been associated with sophistication and power – limousines, judge’s robes, and priests’ attire are all typically black. Drawing color inspiration from natural rocks and minerals that take time and process to form, the ‘Permanence’ palette provides a restful and reassuring sense of quality, evoking a mood of power, potential and possibility.

Card 1: Ebony 540 gsm with Gravure embossing Gold foil 

Card 2: Dark Grey 540 gsm with Coltskin embossing Gunmetal foil

Card 3: Bitter Choc0late 540 gsm with Morocco embossing Bronze foil

Request your Colorplan Permanence set.



Time Lapse Video of Leah Yerpe Drawing on Lenox


Color Direction I: Colorplan Barely There

According to the latest research, your print design doesn’t have to compete with the digital world, but only offer a calmer, more soothing alternative. And that starts with selecting a soft-hued quality sheet. In “Barely There,” the inaugural Colorplan Directions you’ll see first-hand how you can lure weary minds to your work by exercising the power of subtlety. 

Research shows our attention is increasingly overloaded by interacting with the digital world and the real world simultaneously. As we increasingly suffer from a sense of over-stimulation, a predominance of the color white aids mental clarity, and projects a message of calm, cleanliness, and freshness.

As “Barely There” deftly demonstrates, a subtle white-on-white color direction provides a refreshing, minimalist and timeless approach, reinvigorating fashion, graphics, technology and interiors. Bright White, Mist, Natural, Pristine White and Vellum are all Colorplan options that enable you to attract the audience you want as you offer this refreshing alternative to our frenetic world. 

Request your Colorplan Directions I: Barely There. 


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