Mirri & Mirri Nor at the Packaging Innovations Show 2014

Mirri & MirriNor have once again exhibited at this years ‘Packaging Innovations Show' in London. The exhibition prides itself by showcasing the latest and most innovative designs, materials and sustainable solutions from a wide variety of companies to a wide range of visitors.

Duncan Print Group - created beautiful packaging using Mirri for a decorative centre piece on their stand.


The Perfect Flat Accordion Made With Colorplan

Studio Lin creates duplex 130lb to same with die score through one layer to get accordion that lies totally flat made with Colorplan Paper


Discover Mirri with GPA at the Graph Expo


GPA announces the addition of Mirri® and MirriNor Boards to their collection of specialty substrates for offset presses. These substrates have a high quality metallic film surface engineered for superior printability, which adds dimension and value to any project for truly stunning printed pieces. Now, by just using your existing inks, you can create a shimmering palette of colors for endless creative special effects. 

The 12 pt. Silver and Gold Mirri® Boards have a super glossy mirror finish, and are laminated to a premium cast-coated board. The 28 pt. Silver MirriNor Board is backed with the patented “T-Flute” micro-fluted corrugated board to provide robust strength at a light weight. Mirri® and MirriNor boards add life and radiance to any project – they are excellent for creating packaging, tags, invitations, greeting cards, certificates, menus, business cards, catalog covers, tickets, and more. MirriNor is a unique substrate with no equal in the marketplace; its superior strength makes it especially suited for premium packaging and dazzling display graphics that get noticed.

To provide maximum application versatility, these premium boards are compatible with a variety of finishing processes including laminating, die cutting, scoring, gluing, folding, UV coating, embossing and debossing. Mirri® Boards are stocked in 12 pt. silver and gold colors in 39.3” x 27.5” sheets, and MirriNor is available in 28 pt. silver in a 39.3” x 27.5” sheet size. These new items complement GPA’s existing offering of Mirri® Boards for HP Indigo presses to provide a broad range of solutions for a variety of different pressrooms. Additional colors and sizes are also available; contact GPA for more options.

Be sure to visit GPA at the Graph Expo, September 28 - October 1, 2014 in Chicago. 


Come Visit Legion Paper at the LA Printers Fair


Design with Some Shine!

Mirri Sparkle is a new product that offers a distinctive 'glitter' texture, that sparkles in the light. The high quality silver metallic film can be laminated to a premium paper for rigid boxes or white backed folding box-board for cartons and POS from 200GSM to 700um to give a quality material with an eye-catching finish. The surface of the film is treatable with UV Litho print, as well as other print finishing options. When you over print on Mirri Sparkle, either through digital or litho means, you can create any colour 'sparkle' you wish. 

With a wide interest from cosmetics packaging, gift packaging and POS markets, Mirri Sparkle offers the visual impact on shelf encouraging consumers to engage and interact with the products.