National Stationery Show Scavenger Hunt Kicks off Tomorrow!

The National Stationery Show begins tomorrow, May 17th. Stop by any of the exhibiting booths for a checklist to begin the search! Once you have successfully visited and collected the designers post cards, head over to the Legion booth (#2774) to stash your cards away and collect the post cards of the participants that couldn't make it to the show this year. 

Greeting from: Lady Pilot Letterpress from North Carolina using Plike, Blackbird Letterpress from Louisiana using Savoy, and Life is Funny Press from Sant Monica using Arturo.


5 Days Until the National Stationery Show Scavenger Hunt

Although we will miss our 'far' participants, we are excited to invite you to visit the booths of the 'near' (exhibiting) particapants. The scavenger hunt card list can be picked up at any of the participating booths noted above. After stopped by the Near booths, come by Legions Booth (2774) to store your post cards in the box designed by Flywheel Press.

 Greetings from: Bespoke Letterpress in Sydney, Australia using Colorplan Dark Grey 540gsm, Igloo Letterpress using Corkskin Dark Brown and Haute Papier from D.C. using Lettra Fluorescent White 220#.


Legion Paper Exhibiting at Luxepack New York:The Premier Show for Creative Packaging



Hello From Near and Far

The National Stationery Show is now only 6 days away! We are excited to see the post cards begin to gather in New York from all over the world. Don't miss out in collecting a set of post cards at the Show beginning May 17th - May 20th. Stop by any of the participating booths to begin the scavenger hunt with a guide. Stay tuned as we post more information on the blog, facebook and twitter

Greetings from: Farewell Paperie from Seattle using Colorplan, Bruno Press from Minnesota using Lanaquarelle, Maginating from San Diego using Sirio Ultra Black, Gilah Press from Baltimore using Rives BFK Tan.


Greetings From the Stationery Show Post Card Project 

It's that time again for the 5th annual National Stationery Show project. 

Organized by Flywheel Press and sponsored by Legion, we are estatic to announce this year will be post cards from around the world. As 23 of our diverse range of fine art papers went out, 23 designers will return them in the style of the location chosen. 

As done in the past, attendees of the National Stationery Show will paticiapte in a scavenger hunt to collect the post cards from the booths of the designers. After collecting the set of cards, come by Legions Booth (2774) to store your cards away in the packaging done by Flywheel Press. 

The National Stationery Show is right around the corner. Stay tuned on the Legion Blog, Facebook and Twitter for more information as the post cards fly in from around the world. 

Greetings from: Seattle, WA by Farewell Paperie on Colorplan, Silver City, NM by Power and Light Press on Stardream, Los Angeles, CA by Iron Curtain Press on Colorplan, Reno, NV by Paper Boat Studios on Curious Metallics