Colorplan Swatchbook: A Designers Ultimate Weapon

The effortlessly simple confidence and beauty of the product itself is always prevalent. All the pieces have minimal printing crafted using techniques that are exceptionally gorgeous. From the business card that uses a very traditional piece of craft called paper marquetry to showcase not one or two, but three styles of Colorplan offering at once, the three papers represent three signature aspects of the range: color, weight and embossing.

- Wade Jeffree

Discover more about the Colorplan Swatch Book at Design Envy; a curated blog of design-excellence-selected by designers for designers. 


NEW Mirri Sparkle 

Legion Paper is excited to annouce we now stock Mirri Sparkle, a new product that offers customers a distinctive ‘glitter’ texture that sparkles in the light.

Mirri Sparkle has already received great interest from the high-end packaging and point of sale markets. The unusual film has a glitter texture, providing a tactile experience, as well as a glitter effect with a metallic luster and shimmer. 

When you overprint on Mirri Sparkle, either through digital or litho means, you can create any colour ‘sparkle’ you wish. If you use white ink, it masks the glitter effect, adding more subtlety to the film and design.

Glitter will not come off on your hands nor in your equipment. Most existing "Glitter"-Type papers have rough, "sandpappery" feeling but Mirri Sparkle is fairly smooth. 

“We have had a lot of interest in Mirri Sparkle from a wide range of markets, due to it’s unique glittering shimmer that will create a spectacular sparkle effect for packaging, point of sale, social stationary, craft and many other market places”. 

   -Richard Gillgrass, Managing Director of Celloglas


Make an Impression! 

Lost Heritage, a creative studio in the UK, creates amazing business cards on Colorplan! Based in Denton , Manchester, Loster Heritage combines specialist services including letterpress printing, digital printing, die cutting, cnc routing and laser cutting. 

With 50 colors, 25 embossings, and 8 weights, you can't go wrong with Colorplan to design the perfect card to blow away your clients. Business cards are often the first item porspects recieve from you, so it's your first opportunity to make a strong, positive impression! Check out these tips for creating a professional business card!



Glamorous PPA Award Ticket on Mirri Pak

The PPA Awards are the most coveted in the UK magazine and business publishing industry, showcasing talent, rewarding innovation, and providing a benchmark for excellence. 

The PPA ticket was designed by Anderson Norton Design and printed digitally onto Mirri Pak for HP Indigo, which is a metallic silver card. The ticket was printed four colour, plus white on the front on a HP Indigo Press, with a gloss lamination post print, providing the invite an extra level of gloss. 1000 tickets were produced for the event measuring 210mm by 100mm.

Anderson Norton Design chose a deep purple colour with gold lettering made of stars and white text. Simply by printing 4 colour and white onto the Mirri, all the areas except for the white text became metallic. A map and further details were printed on the white reverse of the ticket, in 4 colour process. 

“We felt the Mirri ticket was really in keeping with the style of this very glamorous event”. 

-Grace Harrison, Events Manager at the PPA

“By using Mirri Pak for HP Indigo, this meant a glamorous shiny metallic awards ticket could be produced and turned around very quickly and efficiently. The result is stunning”. 

- Steve Middleton, Sales Director at Celloglas


Paper Inspiration: Alphabet Flash Cards

PaperSpecs features Legion's Alphabet Flash Cards in their latest Paper Inspiration Videos. 

From the concept to the collaboration of many talented designers involved, this year’s gift entitled “S is for Stationery” is truly inspired.